We Help Local Businesses Grow and Scale

We generate new customers and more repeat business on a consistent basis. We boost your online reputation and increase brand awareness to further enhance and scale your business. We achieve this by implementing and leveraging proven marketing systems, delivering predictable and scalable growth, with guaranteed results and a measurable ROI.

Traditional marketing has changed

Getting attention is difficult. Your customers are becoming increasingly immune to billboards, tv commercials, and other traditional advertising mediums. Competition is fierce.

You must incorporate search, social and mobile marketing as part of your overall strategy. 86% of people use the internet to find a local business. Local searches drive customers in the front door, and with 78% of local mobile searches resulting in an in-store purchase, the opportunities here cannot be ignored.

It’s our job to reach out for you and connect you with your audience forming deeper relationships, so foot traffic increases, customer retention increases, and sales and revenue grows.

A Digital Strategy

The COVID-19 crisis has impacted market behaviour on a global scale. Many businesses found themselves poorly equipped to deal with the situation. By optimizing your digital presence your business will find itself better able to operate now, be better prepared for the future, and better positioned to deal with the next crisis.

By optimizing your digital presence now, your business can maximise your current digital offerings, create new digital offerings, position yourself for the post crisis upswing, and add value for your customers.

Our Approach to growth

We deliver this dramatic growth by focusing on four key areas:


We have a proven marketing system that delivers a consistent flow of NEW customers on an ongoing basis. These are not one-time campaigns with diminishing results, but established systems that continually drive new customers into your business.


It’s no longer enough to get a new customer, and hope they come back; it’s about ensuring they come back over-and-over. And further, it’s about them spending more on each return visit. We deploy proven systems that help do just this. More repeat business and more spend on a consistent basis.


Your reputation is the foundation of your business and your success. Online reputation is paramount; social trust matters. Potential customers check out your site and your reviews before considering your business, so it’s vital that you have a positive standing. We help you generate positive reviews, and discretely deal with negative reviews, so customers choose you instead of your competitors.


An effective brand strategy gives your business a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. By employing innovative and highly effective marketing strategies, and taking advantage of our extensive media connections, plus using a combination of disruptive technology and software automation, we can transform any local business by dramatically increasing their traffic, visibility sales and customer base across the full range of services they provide.

What Clients Say

BizDirectory always keeps an eye on the project, coming up with ideas that navigate the process in the right direction. The campaigns created by them have helped to achieve goals, increased sales, and boosted brand awareness.”
Product Manager

Free Planning & Marketing Consultation

Planning is considered to be the #1 most important business-building strategy in existence, and literally doubles your chance of success! A business plan creates focus for your business, uniting everyone towards a common goal, it helps minimize risk and positions your business for future growth. We help businesses map out a bespoke strategic Master Plan unique to their particular business, sector and aspirations.