What To Expect

An effective brand strategy gives your business a major edge in increasingly competitive markets, and  By employing innovative and highly effective marketing strategies, and taking advantage of our extensive media connections, plus using a combination of disruptive technology and software automation, we can transform any local business by dramatically increasing their traffic, visibility sales and customer base across the full range of services they provide.

“Share your story beyond your owned channels”

The way people discover news and disseminate information has been transformed by digital media. As more people are drifting away from traditional news, the need to capture your potential customers necessitates a digital strategy.

Expanding your brand’s digital footprint has never been more important.
Our industry leading distribution network ensures your story is shared to high authority media websites, industry publications, blogs, social networks and the search engines.

“Dramatically increase your traffic, visibility and authority”

Your digital footprint has never been more important. It goes beyond the channels you own or control directly.

An integral part of any branding and scaling strategy should encompass the entire web, which ensures you enjoy more authority in your sector, greater visibility, more traffic, and more sales.
By bringing disruptive technology and software to the PR industry, we can dramatically increase their traffic and visibility. We can advertise any website or piece of content across hundreds of authority sites automatically driving more traffic and more sales. We do this by seamlessly using a mix of AI, talented writers and software automation. We create videos, slideshows, news articles, images, blogs and audio summaries of your content and publish them to major news sites like USAToday, on high traffic blogs, on Slideshare, on YouTube & Vimeo, in podcast directories, and more.

“Talk with our experts to get the best financing solution to grow your business”

We provide secured and unsecured financing to any business to help you buy inventory, equipment, hire employees, acquire a competitor’s asset, or pay for a marketing program. If you can answer YES to any of these questions, we can help with up to $500,000 in unsecured financing:
Do you have 680 credit or higher? If not, do you have someone that can apply for you that does? Do you have a business that has been generating more than $15,000 per month in revenues with at least 6 months in business? Do you, or does someone willing to apply have $40,000+ in an IRA or 401K NOT with a current employer?


  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Expand your digital footprint
  • share your story on high authority media sites, blogs, social media
  • Increase your visibility
  • Pricing table list item
  • Pricing table list item


  • Explode your brand awareness
  • Establish your brand as the pre-eminent provider for your sector
  • Brand and scale your business
  • Be seen on hundreds of platforms across the web: video, podcasts, high authority media sites, industry publications, blogs, social media


  • up to $500,000 in small business financing to almost any business
  • unsecured as well as secured financing
  • Buy inventory, equipment, hire employees, acquire a competitor’s asset, pay for a marketing program
  • start-up funding
  • revenue based loans and advances
  • franchise funding
  • SBA loans
  • retirement assets based funding