What To Expect

Every month you’ll see more repeat customers coming through your doors, and more spend from these customers. We achieve this in 3 ways: dedicated interactive SMS platform marketing, by leveraging our extensive advertising network, and by engaging your existing visitors more effectively.


“Turn your landline into a conversational texting platform, get more clients & provide better service with lower costs”

Text messaging is the number 1 preferred method for people to communicate. It gets 98% open rate, and most texts are read within 3 minutes of receipt. Far out-performing emails or phone calls. Here’s how this can help your business: Sales, marketing & promotions: improve engagement and generate new revenue through text marketing. Promote contests, events, sales & campaigns. service & support – resolve customer issues that increase productivity, with lower costs, lower call volumes and faster daily operations. Billing & collections: remind customers of upcoming payment deadlines, batch notify delinquent customers of late payments Recruitment: connect with candidates quickly and discretely, send interview reminders, and request availability and documents Alerts & reminders: reduce no-show’s with appointment reminders and send group messages to multiple people at once CRM: prevent leads from going cold by integrating texting into your CRM, easily schedule calls and schedule meeting reminders Internal communications: reach employees in the office or the field with general company announcements or emergency communications We provide a full service, low cost, high value Facebook Advertising solution with guaranteed results. Fits most business sectors except emergency services Plans start from $150/ month

“Advertise on 100s of Websites, and Only Pay for In-Store Sales. 500% ROI Guaranteed”

Stop buying advertising. Start buying revenue. For most people, half the money they spend on advertising is wasted. Problem is, they don’t know which half. That stops today! Now you only pay from in store revenue from full price paying customers. That’s right, not for impressions or clicks. Just for actual revenue delivered. How? We advertise you for free on the nation’s leading reward networks, top banks, airlines, hotels, with over 300 million visitors. So which customers come from us/ we track online efforts to offline sales using our proprietary card-link technology. No coupons, no installations, and no team training. With our turnkey solution, you get free quality advertising in a pay-per-revenue model.

“We'll get you 2x-10x more leads & sales (with zero ad budget), or you don’t pay a dime!”

Make the most out of your marketing expenses by engaging your website visitors, capturing and qualifying leads, autonomously selling to visitors or connecting them with your best reps. Increase lead-generation & sales of any website, Facebook page or eCom store, by 2x-10x guaranteed! Let AI answer repeated queries from prospects. Superbots surpass any other conversion funnel. SuperBots integrates with your payment gates and inventory to make actual sales inside the Bot. Integrates with everything. Superbots integrate with CRMs, Email systems, Payment gateway, SMS systems, security systems, everything. [look at uText for benefits/ features as well] how do I get their phone number/ email to start? Pricing: 30 day free trial, bot creation $499 - $2,000 depending on complexity, monthly cost dependent on number of


$75 - $175 / month
( Price dependent on number texts sent )
  • Utilize the #1 preferred method of communication
  • generate repeat revenue from existing customers
  • generate more revenue from existing customers
  • automate appointment reminders
  • communicate with your team
  • bring customers in during quiet times


Free sign up
  • showcase your ad for free on hundreds of high trafficked sites and apps
  • Customers pay full price
  • you only pay for in store sales we generate
  • 500% ROI guaranteed


$45+ / month
(+ $199 - $1,999 set up fee depending on complexity of project)
  • 2X – 10X more leads and sales guaranteed
  • increase sales and lead generation from any website or FB page
  • engage visitors automatically
  • Utilize AI to respond to customer queries
  • Pricing table list item
  • Pricing table list item